The Washington Park East Neighborhood Association (WPENA) is a non-profit organization,which fosters a spirit of community, provides a forum for the discussion of issues, and works to enhance the character and value of our WPE neighborhood and the quality of life of the neighbors. We have board meetings that are scheduled at our discretion. The public is welcom. Please call the President or Secretary for more information on meetings.

We have many opportunities to volunteer, including on our zoning committee, writing articles of interest for the newsletter or performing satifying public service at Washington or Veterans Parks. Please contact the respective Board member for information.

Membership dues are $20 per year for general membership and $10 per year for seniors. Board members are elected at our Spring meeting, usually in May of the transition year. Only dues paying members can vote. Dues paying members receive e-mails of interest from the City, mailings regarding special neighborhood meetings and access to neighborhood committee activities. Please get involved, come to the meetings, and let us hear from you!