Wash Park Permits / Denver Special Parks Permits


Picnics and Special Events

Do you allow special events, like a concert or festival, in the Denver parks?

Yes, depending on the location, activities and number of people. For further information you may contact our office at 720-913-0700.

Application Fee
User Size

Standard Fee

Per Day for Non – Alcohol

Standard Fee

Per Day with Alcohol

1 – 350
351 – 3,000
3,001 – 10,000
10,001 +
25,000 +
50% off of standard fee
Other services
Damage Deposit w/alcohol
or 750+ users
75% of standard permit fee
$9.25 per hour
Generator for stage rental

$250 per day Mon – Fri

$375 Sat, Sun & holidays

$375 delivery charge
50% of standard permit fee
Show Wagon stage
$400 per day
Performance stage
$500 per day
Recycling bins for “open to the public” festivals and events
No charge for use. Damage assessment fee if needed. Contact permit office.
Note: Other permits and fees may be required from police, fire, public works etc.
Application fee w/alcohol
Application fee (non-alcohol)



Mobile Stage Application

Park Alcohol Policy

For More info, please contact the DenverGov Facility Use Permit office:

Facility Use Permit Office
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Dept 108 (2nd Floor)
Denver, CO 80202
720-913-0700 (phone)
720-913-0778 (fax)

How much does it cost to reserve the Pavilion at City Park?

This facility is managed through a concessionaire until May 1, 2008. After May 1, Parks and Recreation will be managing it. You may contact K-M Concessions at (303) 321-2760 ext. 115

Is there electricity at the picnic areas?

There is electricity in designated locations only. A fee applies. Please call the Permit office at 720-913-0700.

How much is a picnic permit?

Urban Picnic Site – $45.00
Urban Picnic Shelter – $85.00
Mountain Picnic Sites – $45.00 – $110.00
Mountain Picnic Shelter – $85.00 – $350.00

Are there barbecue grills at the picnic sites?

Unfortunately there are only a few parks that have grills. You may bring in your own grill, providing that it is 24″ off the ground.

How much does it cost to rent the Boathouse at Washington Park?

The facility fee is $325.00 without alcohol, $550.00 with the serving of alcohol, plus you will need to provide your own insurance and tables and chairs. Maximum occupancy is 150. Please call the permit office at (720) 913-0700

Do you have to be a resident of the City and County of Denver to reserve picnic sites?

No, our facilities are open to everyone.

What type of alcohol is allowed in the park?

3.2 beer served in can or keg is the only type of alcohol allowed. No glass bottles.

Can I have a band or DJ at my party?

Bands or amplified sound are prohibited except in areas designated by Denver ordinances, such as Bandshell at City Park or Greek Theater at Civic Center.

What kind of entertainment/activities are prohibited in the park?

The following are all prohibited; aircraft, air castles, carnivals, dunk tanks, fireworks, horseback riding, hot air balloons, model boats/airplanes, moon walks, petting zoos, pony rides, and raffles. Also charging admission, soliciting donations, and sales of goods on park grounds is illegal.

Can I decorate the picnic area for a party/wedding?

Signs, banners, party decorations and canopies may not be attached to trees, shelters, light fixtures or any other park structures.

Do you have a listing of all the Denver Parks that I may reserve?

We have a fold out map available that you may pick up at our office. It has all Denver and Denver Mountain Parks listed with a brief description of each park’s facilities.

Do you have a listing of all the Denver Parks that I may reserve?

If you have questions or need assistance with completing a form, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 720-913-0700