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Washington Park has a concentrated population with some of the best rates of higher level of education in the state. According to, the WashPark education demographics are higher than in the rest of the state for: Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, Profess. school degrees and Doctorate degrees.

Washington Park is a well educated part of Denver with most residents completing accredited online degrees prior to moving in.  That then relates to a higher income bracket for most residents also.  There is a down-side, though, home prices tend to stay a bit better here than the rest of the state…

While the rates are lower for: Less than high school, High school or equiv., Less than 1 year of college, 1 or more years of college and Associate degree, the study shows that WashPark has a higher rate of enrollment for College undergrad and Graduate or professional school.

The next interesting piece is the huge number of people working for a “private company” over anything else.  It does follow the state averages pretty well, and seems pretty typical.  I do like seeing that the Washington Park area of Denver has a higher self-employment rate than the rest of the state.  Having been self-employed in that area, I find that it’s a great place to be and work for yourself!

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