Denver’s 2009 Ballot and Election Info

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It’s almost Election time again….


The ballot for Denver County has been set. This year’s election will be all-mail and ballots cannot be mailed out until 22 days prior to the election (happens to fall on Columbus Day). There will be 2 service centers to assist voters who do not receive their ballots. These will be at the Election Division (3888 E. Mexico Ave.) and the Webb Bldg (15th St. & Court Pl.) For info on those locations or any other questions about Denver Elections, see:

We will be voting on members to the Denver Public Schools Board of Education and on one ballot question. The DPS positions up this year one of the At-Large seats, and Districts 2, 3, and 4.Ballot certification will happen on Friday, Sept. 4th. There is a challenge to the ballot issue pending, and will hopefully be decided by that time.

To see a map of the Districts, please see DPS’s Website


Deborah Sims Fard
Christopher Scott
Mary Seawell

District 2 (SW Denver):
Ismael Garcia
Andrea Merida

District 3
(Central/East Denver)
Jeanne Kaplan

District 4 (NW Denver)
Alton Clark
Nathaniel Easley
Vernon Jones
Andrea Mosby
Jacqueline Shumway


Initiative 100: Shall the voters of the City and County of Denver adopt an ordinance amending the Denver Revised Municipal Code and in connection therewith, requiring immediate impoundment of a vehicle when the driver is driving without a valid operator’s or chauffeur’s license, or driving contrary to the restrictions imposed upon their license, or driving while their license has been denied, suspended, canceled or revoked, or when a driver of a vehicle is an illegal alien, while mandating the issuance of a summons without requiring the immediate impoundment of a vehicle when a validly licensed driver does not have such license in their immediate possession but has corroborating identification and proof of insurance, and allowing bond exemptions for rental cars, stolen vehicles, expired licenses renewed within 20 days, and lien holders when vehicles were sold to validly licensed drivers?

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