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The gravel crunches under my feet with each new stride.  Twelve little goslings cross the path ahead.  I round the bend to see a youth relay race in progress.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  A pack of cyclists effortlessly glide past on my left.  I tilt my head back to feel the warm sun on my face as my smile widens.   Crossing Exposition, I slow to a walk and admire the freshly planted flower beds.  Up ahead, fresh fuzzy tennis balls and smooth white volleyballs bounce between friends…

This is Wash Park… and it sure is hard not to smile when you’re here!

Smith Lake paddle boating in Washington Park

Smith Lake paddle boating at Washington Park – Photo by Lauren Myrick

Whether you want to be active, relax, or a combination of both, Washington Park is the place to be no matter the season.  A not-so-hidden secret garden, the park offers a beautiful blend of city and wilderness.  You can escape or connect, all in one trip.  Whether you’re moving or motionless, the sun is welcoming and the air is refreshing.

Some activities the park offers: walking, running*, and biking paths; a rec center with a mid-size gym, yoga center, and a 25 meter pool; plenty of green space for volleyball, badminton, and soccer (perhaps the World Cup will inspire a few friendly matches!); rentals for paddle boating, paddle boarding, bikes for 1, 2, or 4; a playground and tennis courts.  Conquered those?  Bring out a twister mat and your favorite jams, friends will come.

Feeling more low-key?  Bring a blanket and a book – or snag a bench.  Green space can also be utilized for sunbathing, picnic lunches, and nap time.  Utilize a walking path to catch up with a friend, in person or on the phone!  Shake off the stress of the day and unwind.

Sunshine and fresh air not only feel good, but can boost your immune system, reduce stress, and improve sleep.  Beyond the health benefits you can reap from a trip to Wash Park, it’s just a happy place to be!  Check the “Wash Park Info” and “Rec Center” pages for more activities and details on those listed above!

Seeking food or goods?  Local restaurants and businesses are only a few blocks away – East or West.  For a delicious, low-calorie treat, may I suggest Aiko Pops – just North of the intersection of Louisiana & Pearl.  Grab a pop (or two) and head to a Wash Park bench… if you can make it that far!  Also check out Kelly’s post for upcoming events.  Last, don’t forget to pick up your trash, pet waste, and follow the rules… Let’s keep Wash Park safe and beautiful for everyone.

The sunshine and fresh air are waiting… Hope to see you soon!

Weekly challenge: Smile at 3 strangers or make a new friend.


*One loop of the outer running path is 2.5 miles.


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