Interesting what happens with the passage of time…

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So we switched blogs recently to one I started a couple years ago thinking I’d use it, but never did. The last post here was from ’07 and it was about the failing economy and dropping house prices and, well, a bit of deja vu, actually… 2 years ago sounds better in some ways than today… Anyway, let us know what’s happening to your place in WashPark.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll share a concern that impacts our neighborhood in more ways than the value of our homes:

    …And we wonder why teens today get the idea that “whatever I want is what should happen, no matter how it affects others…” The adults in this neighborhood need to think more about what kind of example they are setting for the teens around them. For example, I attended a girls soccer game at South High, Friday evening. A man was there inside the soccer field with his dog–off leash during the game. At half time, the dog proceeded to urinate on the goal post right in front of him and all in attendance. He did nothing. When confronted, he mumbled a “sorry…” (you know the classic nominal apology, which really means “screw you” for pointing it out), followed by “do you have any water?”. As if in defiance, he still didn’t put his dog on leash. Ten minutes later the dog was inside the tennis courts chewing on tennis balls while the girls tennis team was practicing. When confronted again, a shoulder shrug, “it’s not hurting anyone…”. When asked where he lived, he proudly announced that he’s lived in the neighborhood for years, a couple blocks away.

    Take a walk through the campus of South High sometime and take a look at the dog waste the kids who attend this school have to deal with. Being a long time resident, I’m very aware of the graffiti problem that has plagued the homes close to Louisiana Ave. Why is it ok for adults to allow their dogs to defecate and defile our youths’ school grounds, but it is not ok for youth to tag our garages and alleys? The attitude displayed by this grown man and his dog offends us all, especially the youth playing on this field who are choosing to allocate their time to a healthy activity, competition, and sport, not to mention those on the sidelines watching their peers play and observe this disgraceful behavior.

    The Washington Park neighborhood has a high opinion of itself and is considered a desirable place to live and play by many in the City. By definition, a neighborhood is much more than a geographic sub-division, it is a community of people who care for and look out for each other. And if we really care about living here, then we need to set the example by taking responsibility for ourselves and being considerate of our neighbors who live, work and go to school here. I would hope this attitude on the part of its residents would be the reason the neighborhood enjoys a positive reputation. Unfortunately, the few irresponsible “neighbors” like this guy, tear down the responsible actions and efforts of others many times over. And something tells me that when this guy’s garage gets tagged, he’ll be all over the School, the District, and every one of our elected officials.

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