Reasons Residents Make Energy Improvements in WashPark

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DEC combined horizWe often ponder the reasons why homeowners/home renters choose to make energy improvements, and more times than not, when asked why someone “should” make their home energy efficient the response is commonly tied to the environment. “Sustainability, conservation, for the planet, for future generations.” While those reasons are true and sincere, the difference between a response like this, and an action, is more commonly tied to the individual benefits: cost savings and/or improved comfort.

What types of measures are we referring to when we say “energy improvements?” We’re talking about things like: insulation, weather-stripping, efficient lights, energy efficient appliances, even solar… the list goes on and on. All of these things, of course, cost money. What isn’t talked about as frequently, but is growing in conversation, is the fact that in order for most people to make energy improvements at home it must be cost effective to save the homeowner money and/or improve indoor comfort. So what’s wrong with that? NOTHING.

20140504_133500The Denver Energy Challenge is a no cost energy advisor program administered by the City and County of Denver. To date over 7,480 homes in Denver have participated (over 210 in Wash Park and Wash Park West) and are saving energy while saving money or being more comfortable. If you’ve been putting off upgrades for lack of money, the program also offers low-interest energy loans along with cost-free energy advising.

This weekend the program will sponsor a home along the annual Wash Park Home Tour and be on hand to talk with residents about ways to save energy and how to take advantage of this free City resource. For those who’ve already participated or made their own energy improvements, be sure to tell a friend or neighbor about the benefits; all of them.

By the way, while supplies last, residents who sign up to work with an advisor will receive up to 3 LED lights for their home ($60 value). No shame in taking advantage of a good thing! For more information call 720-865-5520 or visit

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