Reputation Management

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We recently heard from some local small businesses that they’d been approached by some rather unhappy former clients who were attempting to hurt their business. They started with Facebook posts and tweets that were not only untrue, but also mean. After a while, it starting affecting their business. Then the folks at Reputation Management Consultants stepped in to do some damage control. The end result was that the bad posts got pushed into the background and new social media accounts and updates quickly brought the company back to it’s normal, highly respected status.

The good people at used their highly successful inoculation process to promote many more positive listings which ultimately pushed the negative listings so far down, that they don’t get seen anymore. Some of the strategies they use to accomplish this include creating new micro sites with unique content and social media channels, regular blog postings on your main site and micro sites in addition to commenting on other blogs, press releases submitted to PR archives and well established online properties, link building to promote all of this and extensive social media profiles and updates through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Wikipedia and more. while results can vary with timeframe, you should definitely see results in several months.

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